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Our Tattoo Removal Price List

Prices may vary as tattoos vary in size and complexity, but here is an indicative price guide for our tattoo removals.

Prices per session

All prices are GST exclusive and are according to the tattoo's size.

  • up to 5x5cm - $200

  • up to 10x10cm - $275

  • up to 15x15cm - $350

  • up to 20x20cm - $450

  • A4 piece of paper - $550

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Need to know

The prices are for individual sessions and every tattoo needs multiple sessions to be removed. Prices can be adjusted with the purchase of packages of four treatments or more, or if we are treating more than one tattoo per session.

Enquire with our staff after our initial free consult in clinic - or send us your tatttoo pics to get our initial assessment.

What to expect

 Even with our laser, the best in the market, black ink will average between 6-10 sessions. Some tattoos will vanish in a couple sessions, but that is far from the norm.

We usually wait 6 weeks between sessions for the first few treatments. Then we try to space it out even more; approximately 8-12 weeks, as this gives the body a chance to clear the ink which has been broken down. (Financially, that's not great for business, which is why many clinics will push for brief intervals between sessions, and that's something we simply won't do. If you're comparing clinics, bear that in mind. Time heals and at Dr Pico, we put your health ahead of making a cheap buck!) 

It takes time to heal!

The larger the tattoo, the more work the body must do to retrieve the broken down ink particles. This is a slow process. It can't be rushed. There's no magic pill that can enhance it. It also decreases complications when the treated area is allowed time to recuperate between sessions.

Outcomes vary

Tattoos vary wildly in size, shape, inks and complexity - and so do treatment outcomes! We therefore tweak the parameters for each individual tattoo, and always in the best interests of the patient.

Enquire today. We look forward to your visit to our clinic.


Dr. Keith Kolodzej - Medical Director - Dr Pico

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