Acne Scar Reduction

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Laser treatments for acne

Acne and its associated scarring affects patients of all ages and ethnic groups and it can have far-reaching adverse social and psychological effects. 

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PicoSure laser treatments for acne reduction

Thankfully, the PicoSure nano-pulse lasers we employ in our Darlinghurst clinic have shown to be effective at reducing acne scarring for all skin types in a safe and rapid manner.

How it works

Following an initial consult where we discuss with you our expected outcomes, pricing and a proposed treatment schedule, we will treat the affected area(s) over a 20-30 minute session (at most).

A minor discomfort

And unlike more invasive skin treatments like chemical peels or dermabrasion for deeper scars, our patients report little pain, but rather a minor discomfort. Within hours, your skin (which will show some redness post treatment) is back to normal and will typically feature noticeable improvments. Mild conditions may be treated in only one session!

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