Skin Tone Improvements

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Skin tone improvements

None of us enjoy seeing our skin age in the mirror - in addition to wrinkles, skin tone plays a major role in how healthy and youthful our skin looks. 

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PicoSure laser treatments for improved skin tone

Whether you have uneven skin tone on your face, neck, chest, arms, hands or legs, the PicoSure pulse delivering ultra-short pulse bursts to the skin in trillionths of a second, can provide you with brighter and tighter skin, with reduced pore size and improved texture. 

How it works

We will provide you with an initial consultation to review your concerns and create a personalised treatment plan. During the initial and follow up treatments we will photograph the area in order to be able to assess the success of the treatment, and make adjustments to the laser pulses as required. Each session is usually 20-30minutes, and some conditions may be cleared up in just one treatment!  Mild redness and irritation may be experienced, with these disappearing usually within the same day. 

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