Sun Damage

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Sun (photo) damage treatments

Sun spots, liver spots, age spots - these are names for the brown spots that appear on the skin due to overexposure to the sun. Unfortunately for Aussies, the harsh Australian sun can cause us to have an unfair amount of photo damage. Photo damage and other aging signs such as wrinkles, fine lines and loss of elasticity can all be reduced by the new picosecond laser technology.


Make up and foundation can only provide superficial, temporary cover up for the sun spots on our face. To bring out your natural beauty, put down the war paint and have Dr Pico blast away sun spots and other signs of aging with PicoSure laser treatments.  


Unfortunately, the face and hands are not the only areas that need to appear clear and smooth for a youthful appearance; the neck and décolletage (upper chest area) can derail the effects of even the most stringent facial care if they appear at odds with the face by being stretched, blotchy, freckled, or have an uneven texture. 

Personalised Treatment

Mercifully, Dr Pico's picosecond laser treatment has been proven to improve the colour and texture of the face, hands, neck, decolletage,... in fact any area of skin on any skin type.  Additionally, the laser treatment combined with a diffractive lens array has shown results in stimulating skin repair systems such as collagen and elastin production.  In our initial consultation, we will design a bespoke treatment plan for your areas of concern. A spot test may be required, and we will photograph the treatment area at each visit to assess the success of the treatment and next steps. 

We can also specialise in skin treatments for:

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