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At Dr Pico, we have watched to tattoo removal industry go from bad to worse. Many players have entered the market full of misinformation, and crafty claims. We stand apart from this. We have the experience and intergrity to give every patient a clear picture on what to expect.  

Results may vary

The fact is, tattoo removal is a very, VERY variable process, even with the best laser. We aim to pass on our knowledge to each patient, so they may make the best decision for themselves. 

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

We take extra care to protect your facial skin from scarring and damage by safely breaking down ink. Learn more about Eyebrow Tattoo Removal here.

Our promise

When you visit Dr Pico, you'll get an honest assessment of your tattoo and our best estimate at to how long it may take to remove. You'll also find yourself in very good hands. We'll look after you as if we were removing our own tattoo - with due care, using the very best laser.

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We also specialise in laser skin treatments for: 

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Walk in or make an appointment for a consultation, always free.  We take a brief medical history, assess your skin, and then the tattoo.  Next, we give you a full and frank assessment of what we think can be done, how many treatments are likely to be needed, and how much it will cost.


Depending on appointment availability you can even have your first treatment immediately after your initial consult.   Treatment is very quick, usually only a few seconds or minutes for small tattoos, up to perhaps 15 - 30 minutes for larger works.  To make the process more comfortable, we may use the Zimmer (blowing cold air) or we can apply ice packs.
Finally, when the laser treatment is complete, we will apply a simple protective dressing, advise you how to best care for the skin, and provide you a Dr Pico care-pack to make sure your whole experience is as comfortable as possible.


If you have any concerns or questions about the treatment area, simply come in and we will review, no problem. Very rarely a complication may arise, but these are easy to assess.  We are happy to review any of our patients, anytime. Never a hassle.
Further treatments are usually 6-8 weeks apart, any sooner and the effectiveness of treatment is compromised.  



Save yourself the time and the money, don't go anywhere else! This laser, and these guys in particular; far surpass any other treatment. Their care and professionalism is first class to start with. Less pain, faster results, saving money in the long run. It's a no brainier.

Ange M

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