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Dr Pico employ the amazing PicoSure laser to reverse skin aging and remove tattoos. Find out more about our non-invasive treatments that deliver stunning results safely!

PicoSure is the world’s most effective and safest laser for tattoo removal. It's also remarkable at rejuvenating skin and tackling pigmentation and blemishes.

Welcome to Dr Pico, Sydney’s original advanced laser tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation clinic. Conveniently located in Darlinghurst, Sydney, Dr Pico use the world’s leading PicoSure laser technology and apply it with only the most capable hands. We evaluate every tattoo and every skin condition on its merits and we will let you know, honestly, what to expect in terms of results from our treatments. That’s our promise to you.

Please peruse this site to learn how Dr Pico can help your skin glow or remove the tattoo you regret – or skip a step by calling the clinic directly on 02 9380 7060 to book an obligation-free consult.

About Us

Laser treatment clinic run by medical professionals

We ALWAYS AND ONLY offer honest assessments at Australia's best pico-prices. This is combined with the world's leading skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal laser technology, in the hands of experienced medical professionals.

How it works

PicoSure Laser Technology

Now with PicoSure, the ultra-short pulses create a photomechanical impact, shattering the ink or pigment into tiny dust-like particles. This amazing technology also produces remarkable, non-invasive skin beautification benefits.

Our Testimonials

Paolo Bracci

“Highly recommended. Realistic expectations and bullshit free. I couldn't be happier that i found this place. Keith and his wife are very professional and genuinely positive. i had my first laser treatment last week and my tattoo is almost gone. i thought the process would have been more complicated and painful. Instead it is quite tolerable and extremely effective.
Can't wait to have my second treatment to say goodbye to a very poor decision taken in the past.”

Rose Elaine Benjamin

“I'm so glad that I found Dr Pico , Keith is amazing , his expertise and knowledge regarding the machine and technique with the cold air seriously helps while the laser is working . Very professional with the after care as well , he welcomes us back for dressing , if we feel that extra attention is needed . I highly recommend Dr Pico and the results are amazing you can already see an improvement fm the second treatment”

Thanh Truong

“Had an amazing session with Emma! Cant wait to see the results and cant wait to come back for my next one.”

Georgie De Vine

“So happy with my tattoo removal session with Emma! I definitely recommend visiting Dr pico!”

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