Still out of work, but flooded with job offers

The unemployed Kiwi dad who recently took to social media to plead for a job due to his prominent (not to say spectacular) “DEVAST8” facial tattoo has been inundated with potential job offers.

Waiting to find the right job

The now uber famous father, who initially got his tattoo after a drunken binge, says some of the job offers required the use of a car, which disqualified him for the time being, and so was still looking for the right job, but was moving ahead with plans to remove the tattoo.

Devast8 Tattoo

It’s going to hurt!

“I am just working out a date to get it taken off – which sucks because it is going to hurt”

A happy ending

An update to the story finds our man has secured a local scaffolding job and secured tattoo removal from a local New Zeland tattoo removalist. A happy ending to an unfortunate saga.

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Removing a Facial Tattoo

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