Kelly’s Dragon Tattoo

The team from Lifehacker Australia came to Dr Pico’s Darlinghurst clinic to record a video review of the PicoSure tattoo removal laser treatment.

Spyro Dragon Tattoo

Kelly dubbed her permanent pal “Spyro” after the titular video game dragon on the PlayStation One. To most observers, the tattoo looked more like a worm than a wyvern, but this did not deter Kelly in the slightest (at least, not at first).

“Spyro and I were pretty damn cool together; him poking out the top of my wife-beater at punk shows, ruining my formal look at cousins’ weddings, getting me kicked out of hotel pools in Tokyo; you name it. But Spyro has not aged well. The tattoo was always quite light, and over the years time and sun exposure have taken their toll and blurring lines and fading have caused him to decline into a dragon-shaped blur.

“Plus the initial positioning of the tattoo was never quite right. Because the dragon is face-down on the sword, it’s pretty hard to people to work out what it even is; especially when the bottom is covered by clothing. I’m pretty sure most of my friends have no idea what it actually is and are just too polite to ask.

“I eventually talked to a few tattoo artists about possibly working around it, but none were interested due to its poor condition. They all advised me that removal was the way to go. Spyro and I have had a good run over the last 15 years, but it’s time to say goodbye!”

Check out Kelly’s full story here! or watch the video below to see how she fared in her first treatment at Dr Pico’s Darlinghurt clinic.

Part II – Kelly’s Disappearing Tattoo

And now let’s see how Kelly fared by her third session with Dr Pico’s PicoSure laser.

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