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Age Spots

Removal of Age Spots (Liver Spots)
Also called: Solar lentigo or Solar Lentigines

As we age under the harsh Australian sun, many fair skinned Aussies, in spite slapping on the sunscreen assiduously, will find flat, brown, grey, or black spots appearing skin – usually around sun-exposed areas such as the hands, shoulders, arms and the face.

Age spots are harmless, but they can be treated quite quickly, effectively and safely with Dr Pico’s PicoSure laser.

Marc’s story:

“I cycle to work most days. Sydney is a beautiful town with mild weather, so why not take advantage of it! Unfortunately, that means my temples and arms get some exposure to sun – even with sunscreen. So yeah… I noticed those liver spots starting to appear by my temples. I refuse to call them age spots! LOL!”

“I figured why not give Dr Pico a try. Keith, explained the process of how the laser impacts your skin – essentially causing it to regenerate with short micro bursts from the laser – and sure enough, already after one treatment, this one spot on my right temple-cheek area is almost gone. I’m so impressed, I’m going to look at getting other spots sorted for my next visit.”

“For good measure, I’m going to get my skin checked. I do this every six months, but I’m going to ask the skin doctor to look at the areas treated by Dr Pico to get their opinion on the treatment. On the surface it looks amazing, but let’s really find out, I say. Stay tuned for that!”

“So I did speak with my skin doctor and he had no problem with it. Said his son recently did the same thing! Small world. The spots skin doctors are concerned with when it comes to skin cancer are something else altogether, so I’ll be coming in again to Dr Pico to get a few more treatments to get my face to look like Chris Helmsworth’s! Well OK, there are probably limits to what this thing can do, but if Dr Pico can reduce those signs of aging, I’ll take it!”

Marc, Cammeray NSW

Got Age Spots & Sun Damage?

If you answered yes, then maybe it’s time to visit Dr Pico in Darlinghurst for a free consultation to look at how Dr Pico can help clear up your skin in a non-invasive, highly effective way.

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Our Skin Rejuvenation Services

Wrinkle Treatment

We employ the PicoSure laser to reduce visible signs of ageing like wrinkles and damaged skin.

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Skin Pigmentation

Remove skin discolouration and appear more radiant with our skin pigmentation treatment.

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Acne Scar Reduction

Effectively and gently reduce acne scars on any skin type with little down time.

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Skin Toning

Even out your skin tone and appear more radiant with our laser skin treatment.

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Treatment Procedure


Walk in or make an appointment for a consultation, always free.  We take a brief medical history, assess your skin, and then the tattoo.  Next, we give you a full and frank assessment of what we think can be done, how many treatments are likely to be needed, and how much it will cost.


Depending on appointment availability you can even have your first treatment immediately after your initial consult.   Treatment is very quick, usually only a few seconds or minutes for small tattoos, up to perhaps 15 – 30 minutes for larger works.  To make the process more comfortable, we may use the Zimmer (blowing cold air) or we can apply ice packs.  We also certainly offer beer or wine if weather permits.
Finally, when the laser treatment is complete, we will apply a simple protective dressing, advise you how to best care for the skin, and provide you a Dr Pico care-pack to make sure your whole experience is as comfortable as possible.


If you have any concerns or questions about the treatment area, simply come in and we will review, no problem. Very rarely a complication may arise, but these are easy to assess.  We are happy to review any of our patients, anytime. Never a hassle.
Further treatments are usually 6-8 weeks apart, any sooner and the effectiveness of treatment is compromised.

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